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++ Chapter 2: The Changing Wind


3:30 pm
April 19, 2021


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  The warmth of the day was slowly fading as the cool mountain breeze tumbled down from the green slopes to their east. Zakuro looked at the orange and pinkish painted sky that greeted the three men as the exited the farmers homestead back into the clearing which was home to many lean-tos an other makeshift shelters all circling the large center fire that was now blazing and dancing as the sun dipped below the western horizon, obscured by the forest that surrounded them.
  ” We have an old woman with us who can surely make you something to help with your bruising and the pain, I will have her prepare some for you while we eat. ” Adachi said as he motioned for them to join the group of thirty or so who were crowding around the fire, taking sticks with pieces of charred meat or whole fish from the flames.
  ”  We are honored ” Zakuro said with a bow before taking the smallest kabob he could find, he was unsure how often these people had meat, they appeared to be skilled hunters, but even then he did not want to presume.
Zakuro ate in silence, listening to the people of this camp talk of things they had seen in the mori. Demons, infected beasts, a fog that seemed to creep into low places and taint things. There appeared to be much the could learn from Adachi and his people after all, and he would be eager to do so. After the meal Adachi had brought Riku a bowl of thick smelly paste which he was to apply to his wounds with wrappings, after which he led them back to the lone prebuilt structure where they had met with Adachi before. Bedrolls had be made for them in the same room, Adachi claiming he would sleep under the stars that night. Zakuro thanked him and after allowing for enough time to pass he broke his silence.

  ”  The wind seems to have led us in the right direction, these people know far more about what is happening then I would have suspected. ” Zakuro spoke in a low tone to Riku through the dark. ”  Perhaps we can convince them to take us deeper into the forest so we can see what they speak of with our own eyes. ” He continued as he began to feel the weight of the day on him, tiredness starting to take over, his mind still wondering whether he could trust Adachi or not.

12:53 pm
April 22, 2021


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Sengoku ~ Chapter 2  

Riku bowed his head,
“You have my thanks.” Riku spoke in response to the offer of salve and with the pain accounted for, his stomach began to rumble as his next need was thought of, “As well as my stomach's.” Riku smiled as he watched Zakuro grab one of the smaller pieces of meat. The monk followed suit grabbing another of the smaller pieces and eating it with much thanks. 

The tales of what the band has seen troubled Riku greatly. The corruption was much worse than he had thought and seems to have taken a stronger hold in the surrounding area. He could only think that there must be a connection between it's strengthening and the assassination. Riku's eyes darted towards Zakuro as the stories continued trying to convey his worry. 

Riku took the salve, again with a thankfully nod, and applied to his wounds before following Adachi back to the structure where he now found two bedrolls made for them. Riku's weary body found comfort in the bedrolls as soon as he laid on them.
“We must see what they spoke about before for ourselves if we wish to bring nature back….I only hope word of the assassination doesn't find it's way here before they begin to trust us.” Riku allowed his words to hang as his mind drifted towards sleep.



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