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Archival Project Update

I started archiving TPS nearly a year ago and while I took breaks here and there I’ve continued to attempt to find and re-format all the old content and get it uploaded here on Dystopia Productions. As of this post TPS is roughly 75% complete and I’ve located all of the previous content (I thought I may have lost some sub-pages but I did not). I’ve also got a slew of chronicle profiles that need to be added somehow at some point as well. Most important though I have a complete backup of all the threads from this version of TPS and at some point in the future I intend to get some forums setup here and slowly begin the process of reposting all of the RPs (1700 posts worth) for archival sake. In any case, the main content should be archived soon.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 07.12.2013 )
Content Migration & Updates

Well I’ve come up with a pretty swift system for migrating a good portion of the old content over to the new site here, though it will probably still take a week or two to get it all the process is pretty fast and if I was in a hurry I could probably do it in a few hours. With that being said a lot of the content is going to need updates as it was all written and designed for a MSN Groups RPG. The guidelines and many of the other main rules explanations express concepts that just aren’t valid anymore and so they need to be updated. Some of the content could also just use some basic touch ups to the writing and so on.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.06.2012 )
Login Successfully Added

I managed to get the login section for Dystopia Productions fully integrated here in the TPS theme allow the same login feature that you would see elsewhere. I want to have all the dyspro projects login very fluidly and it all feel like you are surfing the same network. I also intend to integrate the profile features from the Chimera Engine into the theme at some point, either in the login strip on the left side where there is just a simple greating now or someplace else on the nav. It should be noted that a profile will actually be tied to a users unique login, so when logged in they will only be able to access their own personal character profile.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.04.2012 )
Regarding the Chimera Engine

The Chimera Engine will be present here on Trigun Project Seeds. I intend to move all the old content back from the backups and once that is done begin work on addressing the old profile page, hopefully creating something closer to the form I had on FF8A but with something that fits the theme of this layout more. Once that is done this provides a good project for me to do some test builds of the Chimera Engine with, the stat system is pretty simple so I should be able to work on my backend GUI rather quickly which is the real goal, getting that and automatic level up processes created, etc.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.04.2012 )
Theme work and timeline

I’m hopefully going to have this theme done in just a couple days since the layout itself is the same simple thing I used back on msn groups with just a few edits. The most important part of the entire skinning ordeal will be addressing the navigation in this theme and bringing all the old aspects in with updated visuals and whatnot. Throwing in all the needed wordpress stuff will be important too but I’ve done enough of these themes by this point that it really shouldn’t be much of a chore to have the entire theme finished by the weekend and then spend a couple days bringing in the old content.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.04.2012 )
trigun project seeds is back?

What the title says? Right now I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here beyond archiving all the old content on an updated site before it gets lost somewhere that way I can export it to an xml file for wordpress and have it and a theme ready to put up at any time, it’s a much better way to archive these old sites than having a folder full of HTML files to browse and upload manually. So basically take the time to archive each page once and I should never have to do it again at any time, which is the goal. More to come soon.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 10.04.2012 )
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