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Archival Project Update

I started archiving TPS nearly a year ago and while I took breaks here and there I’ve continued to attempt to find and re-format all the old content and get it uploaded here on Dystopia Productions. As of this post TPS is roughly 75% complete and I’ve located all of the previous content (I thought I may have lost some sub-pages but I did not). I’ve also got a slew of chronicle profiles that need to be added somehow at some point as well. Most important though I have a complete backup of all the threads from this version of TPS and at some point in the future I intend to get some forums setup here and slowly begin the process of reposting all of the RPs (1700 posts worth) for archival sake. In any case, the main content should be archived soon.

 ›› ( posted by: dystopia ) - ( posted on: 07.12.2013 )
s i t e  n a v i g a t i o n