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Future RP Information

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8:34 pm
April 19, 2020


posts 180

So, I'm still getting in contact with people and intend to send out some more messages tomorrow to some others but Griff is going to join us for the RP here. I think the best best it to do things the way we have been doing the other RPs on site the past few years, just a main story RP with a post order, side RPs fully open and can contribute towards things in the main RP. We had been doing a story for a couple years on and off here but one of the other main people (Sanarian) has been out of contact for awhile and seems unlikely he'll be coming back to continue that. I've maintained with the others that without him I didn't want to continue that storyline as his character was important to the overall arcs. So with that, we'd have to start fresh. For me that means I need to come up with a new story idea that is different enough from that one. I have some basic things but I need to work out some details. Ideally I'd like to get a 4th or 5th if we're going to do this, I think I can probably do that. 

So going forward, we'll need characters I assume Void will carry over to this, I'm going to use our old profile form http://dystopiapro.com/fortres…..-profiles/ for this, I'll pull in any materia and items you've gained with the solo RPs and probably give you the options to add some more stuff. We'll have to get everyone together to decide if we want to use stats, and if we do how much. We've been using stats on the Trigun RP but not using them on some of our others. I'm open to using stats for this, I can make a calculator if we want to go full on like http://dystopiapro.com/rptools/ which we use for our stat RPs. 

Really I just want to hear what everyone wants out of this first and then we can get to it. 

8:45 pm
April 19, 2020


posts 105

Post edited 3:46 am – April 20, 2020 by void

It sounds like FF7 Fortress Remake is happening.
I like it.

I'm cool with everything you went over. If we do go stats then I'll be probably be lacking behind quite a bit, especially if we fight bigger enemies. However, if I can find a site that has all of those stats for enemies I can get some RP battles going for progress's sake, but I can only seem to find sites that have HP, MP, and the victory rewards.

8:51 pm
April 19, 2020


posts 180

If we do stats, we'd all be restarting and I'd update the XP and progession systems to better account for most of our gains being made in main RPs. Overall we'll be restarting in general, new story from the beginning everyone encouraged to do side RPs if they want, etc. I'll get Griff to chime in on what he prefers for it, and tomorrow I'm going to send out some messages to some others since Sanarian didn't seem to pan out (I wanted to give him some time, because he was an original Fortress member and has been part of the site from the beginning before I went after some others)

9:02 pm
April 19, 2020


posts 105

Perhaps Sanarian will eventually get FF7 Remake, and will have the same motivation to return that we have. I believe this only makes the choice to restart more difficult though. At least everyone will be able to start near each other's levels.

I did actually manage to find a list of bestiary stats and things like that for the classic FF7 in the last couple of minutes. Had to look into a more meaningful database at gamefaqs than random google searches. It is lengthy, because it has all the complicated formulas and things in the game, but most importantly it lists all the enemy stats, and even their attacks. It just lacks a good layout.


Is this information sufficient to begin some RP battles?

6:59 pm
April 30, 2020


posts 180

Little update for everyone to see. After talking to everyone we're going to do full stats. To make this work as smooth as possible I'm going to write up a calculator that handles all the math for this sorta like some of the tools we use for other RPs ( http://dystopiapro.com/rptools/ ) I'm going to just put all our character stats in a database that's tied to everyone's userid so you don't even haveto input any data you'll just select an enemy from a drop down and it will give you an outcome. This way I can factor in a lot of things, allow damage output to fluctuate between 90-100%, build in critical hits and dodges. It shouldn't take me long to put it together, I hope to have us started sometime over the weekend.

5:34 pm
May 3, 2020


posts 180

I've altered some of the games methods on dodging and critical attacks, here's a  breakdown on how hit% and critical attacks are handled in the script.

Hit% and dogdes as a result of a miss are handled like so.
Formula: Your Dex / (Opponent Dex / 4) = Atk%
From the Atk% I broke it into six tiers that range from 86% hit chance to 100%. It's probably easist to just drop the code from this section to show the breakdowns.

if ($atkp <= 0.50) { $hit = 86; }
elseif ($atkp >= 0.51 and $atkp <= 0.75) { $hit = 89; }
elseif ($atkp >= 0.76 and $atkp <= 1.00) { $hit = 92; }
elseif ($atkp >= 1.01 and $atkp <= 1.25) { $hit = 95; }
elseif ($atkp >= 1.26 and $atkp <= 1.50) { $hit = 98; }
elseif ($atkp >= 1.51) { $hit = 100; }

Critical hits are a little more basic, The formula is Your Luck – Opponents Luck = Your % out of 100 for a critical. If your opponents luck is more than yours then it defaults to 1% chance.

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