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Abilities are techniques that allow you to do more than just your standard attack. You can unlock magic or complicated physical attacks. These are ability you chosen create to make you stronger. They can be special use of a magic you have. It can also be a physical attack or combination of the two. There are three types of custom abilities. A standard ability that’s an action or two. There are also combo add-ons which will make your combo attack stronger. Finally there’s passive abilities that may be always active or not. Be smart about your abilities and you may rise to be the protagonist of my story.
Standard Abilities.
These are abilities that take one or more actions to perform. Using one will disable combos, but some may be more useful than a standard combo. There are 4 types of standard abilities. Attack abilities work to do damage to your enemy. Defensive abilities work to prevent damage.  Hinder abilities work to weaken your enemy in some way. Support abilities work to make you and your allies stronger. 
Combo Plus.
By gaining more levels, a chosen gain access to abilities that increase their combos and actions. Combo Plus increase actions and physical combo and M-Combo Plus increase actions and magical combo. There are two levels for both abilities, but actions are only increased once per level. Meaning if Combo Plus is learn, M-Combo Plus will increase magic combo, but the number of actions stays the same.
Combo Add-ons.

These are abilities which augment your combos. Add-ons can affect any attack in the combo, but the are mainly used one the first attack or the final. They can be quite useful since they are abilities that can be used during a combo.
Passive Abilities.
These are abilities that affect a chosen without his/her say so, it simply works. The weaker passive abilities are always active, while the stronger ones activate under certain circumstances.
Active Passive Abilities.
These type of passive abilities are one that have a requirement to be used. The requirements must be something that can be monitored, low HP and MP, fighting a specific enemies, ect. Emotions do not count for this as a chosen can just say it occurs. The harder or more specific a requirement is, the stronger the ability.

H o m e p a g e.
R u l e s.
C r e a t i o n.
R a c e s.
C h o s e n.
F o r u m.
C l a s s e s.
O r g a n i z a t i o n.
M a g i c.
A b i l i t i e s.
A r m o r y.
S y n t h e s i s.
U n i v e r s e.