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Where all the planet’s reside. The universe is is divided into the Realm of Light, Realm of Darkness, and the Realm Between. The Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness make up for majority of the Universe with the Realm Between making up what is left. The Realm of Light and the Realm In Between is where most planets can be found. The Realm of Darkness is where the heartless come from and is a dangerous place to travel.

Realm of Light.

The setting for most of the planets, The Realm of Light makes up close to half of the Universe. For every star in the night sky, there is a corresponding planet. Most of these planets can be found in the Realm of Light. The heartless seek to use the power of the heart found in the Realm of Light for their own ends.

Realm Between.

Compared to the other two realms, the Realm Between is incredibly small. It is located between the light and darkness. Very few planets reside here and each generally sways to light or darkness, with only Twilight Town being exactly in the middle.

Realm of Darkness.

Little is known about this Realm, but it is the home of the heartless. Few have been able to access this realm and none have been known to get back safely. What is known is that Kingdom Hearts can be found in the deepest darkness of this realm


Once a chosen receives a a gummi ship, they may travel to any planet by posting 150 words. These 150 words can be the first words in your thread and are spent there. A chosen can not travel if they are in a thread, events don’t count.


Quests are special situations setup for chosen to complete. Normal quests have a word requirement while DMed quests require a DM. Quests will be cycled in and out so keep an eye out for new quests. Words in the quests can be used for upgrades as well as the rewards from the quest. The word count on quests can be reduced by 20% by doing them with multiple chosen, but all chosen must do the word count for it to be complete. Dmed quests can be requested on the Quest and Event board [here].

Universal Quests.

These are special types of quests that can be done on any planet. They will be listed here, on the Universe page, below the planets. The majority of universal tasks will be character building, but some can be like the planet quests.


Quests and Tasks have alignments towards either light, dark, or neutral. This determines which side of the heart your heart strength points go. Heart strength from Neutral Quests and Tasks can be put into either side based on the actions performed and the intent behind them.

New Worlds.

As time passes, new warp holes may be found leading to new planets. It is also possibly that planet’s destroyed by that heartless can be restored by retrieving the heart of the world from that heartless that possess it. When new worlds are going to be added, chosen by be consulted on which they would like to see added and can even propose ideas of their own.

Name. Description. Realm. Keyhole.
Agrabah A world of sprawling deserts and one large town. Agrabah is specifically the name of the town and is home to a princess of heart, Jasmine. It is ruled by the Sultan and protected by Aladdin and his trusted friend, Genie. Jafar, the former Royal Vizier, attempted to capture Jasmine and use the power of Genie to make himself a genie. He was thwarted by Aladdin and King Mickey and fled the planet in defeat. Using the Keyblade, King Mickey sealed the keyhole preventing the random formation of heartless. Realm of Light Open
Beast’s Castle A world consisting of a giant castle ruled by a furious warrior. The servants of the master are animated objects that were said to once be human, as was the master. Beast’s Castle is the home world of a princess of heart, Belle. She remains in hiding from everyone, presumably under the protection of Beast, the castle’s master. Any attempts to gain entrance to the castle is met with hostility for fear of losing Belle. Realm of Light Open
Disney Castle A world that is the base of operations for Mickey’s Army. Disney Castle is a large white and blue castle surround by Disney Town, the home of the army and normal inhabitants. King Mickey has opened his world to any he saves from the heartless and allows them to join his army if they so choose. This world was once protected by the Cornerstone of Light until King Mickey found and keyhole and locked out the heartless. Realm of Light Locked
Halloween Town A world made up of people’s nightmares. Halloween Town is in perpetual night that even the stars can’t seem to fully penetrate. It was once overseen by Jack Skellington until one day he seemed to disappear. Oogie Boogie came in his place with the heartless at his side. In inhabitants, who had been subduing much of their darkness under Jack, took to the heartless instantly, many becoming corrupted. With their help, they found the keyhole and the heartless have been corrupting it for months. Realm of Light Open
Hollow Bastion A world infested with heartless. This was the first world corrupted by the heartless and has become their base of operations in the Realm of Light. Hollow Bastion is made up of a single castle with machinery scattered all around. It is swarming with heartless and is the home of Leon, Cid, Aerith, and Yuffie. The princesses of heart captured by the heartless are said to be here, but none have been able to penetrate it and get out alive. Realm of Light Corrupted
Midgar A world of industry and corruption. Midgar was once a vast city on the planet Gaia, controlled by the powerful ShinRa company. The city is made up of 8 sectors surrounding the skyscraper known as ShinRa HQ. Each area is connected by various trains. When the heartless attacked and took part of the heart of Gaia, a piece was located directly in the middle of the vast city. That piece saved the city as it floated their space, reforming the ground below it to make it a planet in and of itself. The heart guided the planet into space of other planets facing the heartless as well. Realm of Light Open
Mysterious Tower A world and home of the powerful sage Yen Sid. Yen Sid, the creator of the ability able to hurt the heartless, stays here in solitude, taking guests if they find their way here. It is said that Yen Sid was once a powerful Keyblade Master and sealed the keyhole of this world even before the heartless came around. It is also said he was the master to King Mickey and is an adviser to the wise King. It is made up of a single tower surrounded by a few trees. Realm Between Locked
Olympus Coliseum A world where great good and great evil live together. At the top, lies a coliseum for those that wish to be considered heroes. Below lies the Underworld where lost souls wander in agony. There lies a coliseum for those that are strong enough to escape some of their agony. Though the keyhole is yet to be found, Hercules fights against the god Hades to keep balance in the world. The god Zeus rules the top Coliseum, but allows his son to do most of the fighting so he may take over for him one day. Realm of Light Open
Traverse Town A world created by the remnants of planets destroyed by the heartless. Traverse Town is a haven for people made refugees by the heartless. The town is in perpetual night with a beautiful view of the stars. Traverse Town is divided into three different districts and is the home world for The Resistance, an organization created by Leon to fight the heartless. As more and more worlds are destroyed by the heartless, the town becomes bigger and The Resistance stronger. Realm Between Open
DMed Quests.
Icon. Details.
Name: Power of the Soul 1

Type: General RP.

Alignment: Neutral.

Description: The power of the soul is a powerful thing that can be easily overlooked. When the body becomes weak, a powerful soul can activate the power of Limit Break. This causes the weapon to change to better match the chosen. The process of unlocking this ability is different for everyone, but is powerful to all.

Requirement: Level 5.

Rewards: Limit Break Level 1

Icon. Details.

H o m e p a g e.
R u l e s.
C r e a t i o n.
R a c e s.
C h o s e n.
F o r u m.
C l a s s e s.
O r g a n i z a t i o n.
M a g i c.
A b i l i t i e s.
A r m o r y.
S y n t h e s i s.
U n i v e r s e.