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The power of the heart manifested in physical form through magical energies. That is what magic is. Through hard training and study, any may learn to unleash the hidden power of their heart through magical techniques called spells. Along with spells, the heart may call out to a summon stone in order to bring back that person lost to the heartless. Sometimes magic that wanders the universe comes together to make an entity with intelligence. By proving your worth to them, they will answer your call.
Once the requirements of a spell are attained, a chosen can learn it using AP. Most spells have a magical alignment and decide how much heart strength is added to the spell.
Essentially there are two types of summons. Beings made up of magical energies that can answer the call of whoever they wish. Then there are summon stones. When a world is destroyed by the heartless and it contains a being with a strong heart, that being is changed into a summon stone and is transported to another planet instead of becoming a heartless. By calling out to the summon stone with your heart, the being can be brought back.

H o m e p a g e.
R u l e s.
C r e a t i o n.
R a c e s.
C h o s e n.
F o r u m.
C l a s s e s.
O r g a n i z a t i o n.
M a g i c.
A b i l i t i e s.
A r m o r y.
S y n t h e s i s.
U n i v e r s e.