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Creating a chosen is simple. First things first, the rules and all subsequent pages must be read. Once that is taken care of, the following form may be filled out and posted to the Chosen Registration board. Your bio will then be looked at as quickly as possible and if accepted the chosen may start on their adventure.
Creation Form.
When creating a chosen, this is the form you use. It has information about some of the things to help guide you. Below is information that needs a little more room and if better explained here. Custom bio forms are fine, but must contain all the information. Link
There are two starting races, humans and beasts. This is mainly a preference in appearance. The only difference is only beasts can use natural weapons.
Starting Location.
All chosen will start on Traverse Town, but none may call it their home world. Dark portals appear randomly on worlds and have sent all chosen there, even if they are from one of the planets normally accessible.
Symbol of Power.
The Symbol of Power is a very important aspect of a chosen. It defines a chosen’s starting class. The symbols are sword, shield, and wand. Use the table below to see.The class will also define a chosen’s starting stat and stat growth so choose wisely.

Symbol of Power.
Symbol. Class.
Sword Fighter
Shield Defender
Wand Mage

Heart Strength.
All chosen start with 20 Heart Strength. That 20 is divided between light side and dark side to show that character’s alignment. All hearts have light and dark so each side requires at least 1 point.
Home Planet.
One of the first questions that must be answered is what planet is your character from. You can be from any of the planets on the universe page, besides Traverse Town, Mysterious Tower, Beast’s Castle, and Hollow Bastion. All chosen must comes from a planet related to Disney or Final Fantasy. Marvel and Star Wars are not allowed. That also means the character must fit within that canon. Final Fantasy characters not in Kingdom Hearts and custom character’s from a Final Fantasy canon come from Gaia a huge planet with every Final Fantasy location separated from each other. That planet has been partially destroyed by heartless.
These are additions for chosen to add to their character as they level up. At creation, they have one and gain additional traits every 5 levels. The list can be found as a sub-page to this page.
Chosen have 8 AP that can be spent on abilities at start. They can be from their class, universal, or magic spells.
All equipment must be purchased with the starting 1,200 munny. They also start with 3 potions and 2 ethers.

H o m e p a g e.
R u l e s.
C r e a t i o n.
R a c e s.
C h o s e n.
F o r u m.
C l a s s e s.
O r g a n i z a t i o n.
M a g i c.
A b i l i t i e s.
A r m o r y.
S y n t h e s i s.
U n i v e r s e.