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The armory is where you buy equipment and accessories for your character. When it comes to equipment, there are two different pieces: weapon and armor. All piece of equipment can be found on the pages below this one.
There are eleven types of weapons, broken into five groups, and three types of armor. The first weapon and armor in a type is free. As long as you can buy the armor or weapon, you can equip it. 
Shield Bearer and Dual Wield Ability.
Two weapons can be wielded at the same time by gaining the Shield Bearer Ability or Dual Wield ability. The Shield Bearer ability allows ones weapon and one shield to be wielded together and the Dual Wield trait allows any two weapons to be wielded at the same time. The only weapon that these abilities to do not work with is greatswords.
Accessories work differently than equipment because there can be multiple accessories equipped. The starting limit is two at creation, but by learning abilities more can be equipped. Accessories also give other bonus such as elemental or status effect resistance. They can also increase stats by certain percentages and many other effects.
An object that is one time use is an item. Items can be used for a number of purposes such as healing HP or alleviating a status effect.
Selling Equipment, Accessories, and Items.
Things bought at the armory may be sold at half the price they can be bought at. If you have something that’s not found at the armory, a price will be given for how much it can be sold at.

H o m e p a g e.
R u l e s.
C r e a t i o n.
R a c e s.
C h o s e n.
F o r u m.
C l a s s e s.
O r g a n i z a t i o n.
M a g i c.
A b i l i t i e s.
A r m o r y.
S y n t h e s i s.
U n i v e r s e.